Commercial Construction

Griffin Construction is an experienced general contractor that will take a hands-on role on every project. Griffin Construction can provide you with additional insights into construction project costs and project scheduling.

Commercial Renovations

We have completed many renovations of commercial buildings in the New Hampshire and Vermont area. These projects have added to the integrity of the neighborhoods they are in and have helped the building owner to save time and to realize a cost-effective solution for their construction project. Also, we want to achieve a result that works well with the environment. To do what makes sense is to design and build for the environment. We will discuss opportunities with you to build or renovate with green technologies. This approach also reduces the long-term operating cost to run the building. We are also skilled at historic renovations and can reinforce existing structural systems while maintaining the character of the original building. We can also oversee important upgrades to electrical and plumbing system.

Commercial Subcontracting

Griffin Construction works with Architects, Engineers and General Contractors in a subcontractor role. We can help to bring your commercial new construction project to completion. We love building and can help any General Contractor in many ways. We understand the building process, materials and have our own tools and we do not need to be trained!

Commercial Roofing

Roofs are complex and important. They also are fully exposed to the elements. Bad things can happen to a roof and often do. The key is early detection while the solution is still inexpensive and your building has not been damaged.  Your roof is one of your most valuable assets, protect it! Griffin Construction can help. Griffin Construction is local to New Hampshire and Vermont. You will never have to deal with a corporate office. When you deal with Griffin Construction you deal with me (Griffin Dussault) directly. If you want a quote or a second opinion on a project then we are but a phone call away (603-835-8078) or you may use our handy on-line form.