Welcome to Griffin Commercial Subcontracting

Commercial Construction Subcontractor

Griffin Construction works with Architects, Engineers and General Contractors in a subcontractor role. We can help to bring your commercial new construction project to completion. In the past year, we have done projects designed by Joseph Architects of Waterbury, Vermont and SMP Architects of New London, New Hampshire.

We work in many different capacities to help bring a construction project to completion. If you are a General Contractor and need some extra capacity from a quality source then Griffin Construction can help. We can add extra construction capacity for your building project on short term or long term basis.

Griffin Construction is committed to helping you and your business deliver a fantastic outcome and experience to your customers. We can help you to meet delivery dates and may save you money on construction cost as we act as a skilled subcontractor service who knows we have to continually earn your trust. We help you to protect your reputation by helping you to meet date and cost objectives.

We love building and can help any General Contractor in many ways. We understand the building process, materials and have our own tools and we do not need to be trained!

We have learned to collaborate on many projects so we have experience in acting as a commercial construction subcontractor. Let the skills and capacity of Griffin Construction help you when you need it for a s long as you need it!