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At Griffin Construction we offer professional quality service for your commercial renovations and remodeling projects. We are a construction company that understands your needs as business owner and we can meet those needs. We can work with you on the design, budget and timing. We have the efficiency of your business in mind for all commercial renovation projects. We realize that your business needs to operate and to be efficient during any renovation.

Remodeling or renovating your existing space can add both comfort and convenience to your business and Griffin Construction gives you a knowledgeable team of carpenters and construction experts to provide you with advice and guidance to achieve the working space you desire.

Call us today for all of your commercial repair or renovation needs!

Example 1 – Commercial Renovation Project

Location: Burdicks

Project Type: Commercial Interior Renovation

Description: Burdick’s is a high end chocolate producer and retailer and restaurant in Walpole, New Hampshire.

Details: This commercial construction project consisted of renovating the chocolate retail section, a portion of the restaurant, and the espresso bar. We expanded the chocolate retail section and moved the café and espresso bar into this area. The space in the restaurant was converted into additional banquette seating. This job was noise, dust and cleanliness) and time sensitive. We worked 18-hour days to complete that project quickly as the restaurant and café were closed down, so time was of the essence.

This project was a complete success and the owners have received a great deal of positive feedback.

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Example 2 – Commercial Renovation Project

Location: Ludlow, Vermont

Project Type: Commercial Renovation

Description: Renovation and Accessibility

Details: The job was doing a complete renovation of the building and creating a new “accessible entrance” for the Ludlow Dental Center.

The building was in need of updating and repair and needed an ADA compliant handicapped ramp for their patient access.

The building was sided with low maintenance long-lasting siding which helps to make the building look new and professional. We set up a concrete sidewalk and paved the driveway. The entrance porch, steps and ramp were built to blend with the structure.

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