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When it comes to the stability of your roof it is important to have appropriate professional exeprtise.

This is especially true when you have an emergency situation to prevent causing additional damages. Emergency roof repair is a stressful situation under the best of circumstances. It often leads building owners to seek the quickest repair method. This is highly inadvisable due to the potential for low quality workmanship which could lead to additional complications as a result of the rushed or inferior roof work.

Your roof is a major and improtant aspect of any building. It is vital to have your roof inspected, repaired or replaced by knowledgeable professionals. With the combined skills our team at Griffin Construction you will receive quality advice and quality roof work.

Routine roof inspections and proper maintenance are the key elements to extending the life of your roof system. The idea is to find and solve a minor problem before it becomes a big and costly problem. By the time a leak finds its way through the roof substrate to your ceiling where you see it, you may have severe and costly damage to your insulation, roof decking, and potential mold issues. 

There have been major studies about how a roof issue – when caught in time – reduces the cost of repair in a significant way. Furthermore studies show that building owners who have regular inspections performed reduce the cost of their roof by achieving a longer roof lifetime with minimal roofing issues.

Consider the following:

Roofs with a regular inspection last on average 21 years without a major issue and therefore cost $.14 per square foot.

Roofs without a regualar inspection have a major issue every 11 years and the added cost to repair results in $.25 per square foot.

Moreover, periodic inspections are typically required by roofing system manufacturers in order to keep their warranties valid.

Finally, roofs are complex and important. They also are fully exposed to the elements. Simply put, bad things can happen to a roof and often do. The key is early detection while the solution is still inexpensive and your building is unharmed. Your roof is one of your most valuable assets, protect it!


Example of a Commercial Roofing Project

Location: Springfield, Vermont

Project Type: New Roof

Description: Taro Block Commercial Building

Details: This 1834 commercial building in Springfield, Vermont needed a new roof. Griffin Construction helped to define a cost-effective roofing material and set up staging and installed the new roof and flashing.  This project was a bit more complex because the building wanted to remain open during the installation of the roof, the building was at the intersection of 2 busy streets and was effectively a 4 story structure.

We made sure to protect the customers of the businesses of the Taro Block, and pedestrians below with a solid floor at the top level of the staging along with a barrier to prevent anything from falling. We kept the entire area clean and organized during the entire time of the roof installation. We are kept noise to a minimum.

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