Residential Construction Contractor

New Home Construction

Griffin Construction can build you the home of your dreams. We also know how to build within your budget, taking a practical approach to what you need and what works best for you.

Home Additions

A home addition can be a cost-effective investment as well as a great way to live in a home you are already comfortable living in. Plus if your present home is in a nice location you will not have the cost of moving and can use this expense to help fund the home addition.

Siding, Roofing and Windows

Griffin Construction uses modern siding materials and modern techniques for the installation of the siding. We can also install traditional materials that may need repair such as clapboards or cedar shakes. At Griffin Construction, we specialize in all aspects of roofing construction, from the framing, to the insulating and the materials, to the roof itself. Windows add an important aesthetic dimension to any room or home. They also serve a very practical function – letting in light and keep heat in. We work with you to define a window design that looks great and that is efficient. New high-efficiency windows look wonderful and can save you a great deal of money in the long run.

Home Renovation & Remodeling

Home remodeling and home additions are what Griffin Construction is best known for in the Residential Home Construction field. We enjoy working with home owners who want to change or expand the shape or configuration of their home. We can help you with the planning and permitting to the finish carpentry work and painting. If the remodeling or addition needs foundation work then we can excavate, provide grading for proper water flow and create the foundation. We specialize in insulated concrete forms. If you want a quote or a second opinion on a project then we are but a phone call away (603-835-8078) or you may use our handy on-line form.