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Griffin Construction is well known for home additions. A home addition can be a great solution if you love the home you now live in but just need some more space. We can work with your Architect or work with you to design a plan for your perfect home addition.

We work step by step with you and can offer you insight and knowledge on creating the living space you desire. A home addition can be a cost-effective investment as well as a great way to live in a home you are already comfortable living in. Plus if your present home is in a nice location you will not have the cost of moving and can use this expense to help fund the home addition.

We can also use the home addition project to help the energy efficiency of your entire home. Griffin Construction can help in this area as well. We are experts at defining good options to use your budget wisely and effectively. We will also ensure that the addition meshes perfectly with your existing home.

Contact us today to schedule a home addition consultation. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Example of a Home Addition Project

Location: Charlestown, New Hampshire

Project Type: Home Addition

Description: Gambrel-Style 16 x 40 Foot 2-Story Addition

Details: Kevin and Sheila Grimsley contacted Griffin Construction with a project idea to expand their kitchen and modernize it. They also wanted to expand the overall living space of their home. Their existing gambrel structure framing was not big enough so the structure was removed and Griffin Construction built a 16’x 40′ 2-story gambrel style home addition.

The new addition increased the square footage to the house by 900 feet, adding a kitchen, dining room and two bedrooms. The entire project consisted of site work, concrete frost walls, selective demolition, framing, siding, windows and roofing. Pine timbers were used as floor joists and ties. Griffin Construction took their idea and turned it into a great addition for their home.

The home addition complete with Certainteed asphalt shingle roofing, vinyl siding and Integrity Marvin Windows. 

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